Implementation Licence and DDEX Party Identifiers

Before implementing a DDEX standard companies need to acquire a free standard Implementation Licence.

As part of the process of issuing an Implementation Licence, DDEX will also allocate each applicant a DDEX Party Identifier (“DPID”). It is the DDEX Party Identifier that uniquely identifies each sender and receiver of a DDEX formatted message. DDEX Party Identifiers can also be issued separately from the Implementation Licence for example where a company needs to uniquely identify two departments within the organisation that are sending or receiving DDEX formatted messages. The application form for the Implementation Licence and DPID is at here (please click on the “Apply for a DPID” tab) and the complete terms of the licence are at here.

Also if your organisation is exchanging DDEX formatted messages on behalf of a number of other organisations, where those organisations need to be identified in those messages with a DPID, it may be possible to enter into an agreement with DDEX to be authorised to issue DPIDs on DDEX’s behalf.

If you wish DDEX to consider authorising your organisation to issue DPIDs on DDEX’s behalf, please contact us.

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