Open Source Software

DDEX is a standards-setting organisation and its main outputs are specifications in the form of text documents, XML Schema Definition files and XML sample files. DDEX is only successful, however, if there is widespread implementation of these standards between business partners across the entire digital music value chain, on a global basis. This, of course, is carried out on a bilateral basis, requiring both parties to invest in the development of software that either creates or ingests DDEX formatted messages. Whilst such software has to be, almost by definition, bespoke to each individual implementer of the standards, it should be possible for elements of these to be common to everyone.

Therefore, DDEX has encouraged companies to make elements of the software they have used in their own implementations available as “open source” software. DDEX cannot guarantee that this open source software actually works as advertised, because DDEX does not have the resource to test any of these software packages and modules. Consequently, DDEX accepts no liability for any use of these software packages and modules.

DDEX does however, maintain a register of such open source software on its Knowledge Base. If companies are aware of any open source software not listed there, please contact us and the list will be updated.

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